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for best album of 2019


"This is Not a Dream"


presented by Dave Graney


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'Narnie Award’ Winners

The Lost Ragas

in Conversation17 December 2019


Matt and Shane from Lost Ragas receiving

the Narnie "showbag" from Dave

in the Triple R studios.








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Dirty Rock Magazine



11 diciembre, 2019
Lost Ragas tienen nuevo disco,

"This is not a Dream"
por Carlos Pérez Báez


Nuevamente discazo de los australianos Lost Ragas que tras cuatro años sin saber nada de ellos publican este año «This is not a Dream«. Tras su anterior «Trans Atlantic Highway», los de Melbourne lanzan su tercer larga duración en el que vuelven a difuminar esa música de raíces, Americana, psicodelia y counrty en sus diez canciones.

El nuevo proyecto de una de las voces más importantes en Australia dentro de la Americana music, hablamos de Matt Walker, artista que lleva más de dos décadas y diez discos a sus espaldas, se acompaña en este nuevo trabajo tal International Submarine Band como ya hiciera Gram Parsons de Shane Reilly, Roger Bergodaz y Simon Burke de puro y duro Country Cósmico. Es como escuchar a Beck y Sturgill Simpson junto con el fantasma de Harry Nilsson.

La voz de Matt Walker y la música de Lost Ragas se esparcen en un suspiro, y cada canción espera el amanecer, sin ningún aval de que esta vez la oscuridad no vaya a ser permanente, tal vez el apocalipsis no sea para tanto.


*  Edited translation


Dirty Rock Magazine


11 December, 2019
Lost Ragas have a new album, "This is not a Dream"

The Lost Ragas, from Melbourne Australian return after four years since their previous "Trans Atlantic Highway", without my knowing anything about them, to publish this year "This is not a Dream", their third album in which they return to blur the music of roots, Americana, psychedelia and country in their ten songs.

This is a new project of one of the most important voices in the Australian Americana music scene. I talk about Matt Walker, an artist who has more than two decades and ten albums behind him, who is accompanied in this new work by Shane Reilly, Roger Bergodaz and Hayden Meggit.

Like Gram Parson's International Submarine Band, Lost Ragas is pure and hard Cosmic Country. It's like listening to Beck and Sturgill Simpson along with the ghost of Harry Nilsson.

The voice of Matt Walker and the music of Lost Ragas are scattered in a sigh, and each song awaits the dawn, without any guarantee that this time the darkness will not be permanent. Perhaps the apocalypse is not so bad.

by Carlos Pérez Báez





Post To Wire
Alt-country, folk, blues & rock'n'roll


Lost Ragas
This Is Not A Dream

On their their third album, Melbourne band Lost Ragas take their brand of psychedelic country music further out into the cosmos, though its title and various thematic references suggest the territory they're exploring is our internal subconscious and its relationship with the realities of the modern world.

They're a band in the truest collective sense but the songwriting centres around Matt Walker and Shane Reilly, who split the songs 50/50 this time around. That said, there isn't a clear sonic and poetic delineation between their respective songs. They all incorporate mystical, swirling psych-pop elements, that add colour and otherworldliness to what are essentially songs from the template of classic country music, whether that's the smooth tones of the Tulsa Sound, Willie Nelson-styled balladry or the arch-songwriter shapes of Harry Nilsson, Jimmy Webb and Randy Newman.

Opener ‘Keeping Up With Yesterday’ is an audacious start, on the back of Reilly's soaring string arrangement. Walker's ‘Just Wastin’ Time’ is a melodic honky-tonk number that switches between earthbound and daydreaming moods. ‘I Broke A Heart’ demonstrates how inventive they can get with guitar and pedal steel sounds, adding a Twin Peaks vibe to a Roy Orbison-styled croon. ‘People Funny’ takes the sonic gumbo approach to the outer limits with its tough groove. ‘Black Rose’ on the other hand plays it straight, allowing its perfect mix of melody and melancholy to ring true.

This Is Not A Dream is populated by songs that touch on reality vs. inhabiting one's self-created world. There are some heady concepts at play yet the band never overcook them. The real stroke of genius is the way they've married those ideas with a symbiotic musical universe. They may be part of the Americana scene but Lost Ragas aren't the stay-at-home types, they're adventurers looking to explore new and psychedelic frontiers and the transmissions they're sending back are quite mesmerising.

Chris Familton




Review by Marty Boulton
Sydney Morning Herald - Sticky Carpet

September 5, 2019

album of the week
Lost Ragas
This Is Not A Dream
(Brown Truck Records)

There's a line Matt Walker sings at the end of Morning Star, the second track on Lost Ragas' follow up album to 2015's Trans Atlantic Highway, that hints at the sense of exploration and adventure in their music.

Long hailed as a cracking live outfit, Walker and his bandmates don't rush to record, opting instead to seek out lyrical inspiration and just the right mix of blues, roots and psychedelic pedal steel that brings the whole shebang together in a genuine, considered fashion.

"The beauty of endlessness, gazing up at the morning star," Walker sings, and you just know he didn't find this line sitting in his bedroom.



Lost Ragas in Rhythms

Roots Music Magazine

September 2019


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Tex Perkins and Matt Walker touring January 2020



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Matt Walker is part of

Tex Perkins and the

Fat Rubber Band


Byron Bay Bluesfest April 21st, 2019

Video compliments of - The Misadventures Of Tori


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a new season

in a humble peep

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Matt has been collaborating with Dan Tuffy and Lucie Thorne on Dan's new album

"Songs from Dan"

Also featuring Shane Reilly and Grant Cummerford




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Songs From Dan


Big Low



Lost Ragas - Where James Once Played


Written by - Matt Walker , Neil Murray , Shane Reilly

Lost Ragas - I'll be Gone

Featuring Mike Rudd


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Matt interviewed by

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Lost Ragas


Lost Ragas

"The last time I was in the desert, it wasn’t really the desert. In fact, we didn’t venture far past Broken Hill, but the release of open landscape was still a refreshing thing."

Exploring the great unknown can help you find a place for pared-back reflection and inspiration. If you’re lucky, maybe even a spirit animal – though in Australia, it will likely turn out to be poisonous. When Lost Ragas frontman Matt Walker decided to clear his mind prior to the band’s next national tour, however, he really didn’t skimp on space.

“This is a step up in the adventure stakes, I’ve got to say,” he says. “I’ll be hiking through the Flinders Ranges for a week before the tour. I’m going semi-desert, sleeping beneath the stars, in caves. Hiking around trying to find The Lost Sound, something like that. I’m definitely thinking of the next Ragas album, so it may be a little bit like that Mighty Boosh episode, wandering around looking for wisdom. One of the mates I’m going with has a portable recorder; I’ll have a few instruments with me. I think we’ll definitely do some recording out there, but what it leads to, who knows? We’re doing it all cowboy-style, sleeping with no tents. There’s one night in the cave on the side of a mountain, so you hope it’s going to be inspiring out there.”

There’s always the chance Walker might come across some kind of human subspecies that’s been living in the caves undisturbed for centuries and is now baying for blood, but that’s always the gamble with creative exploration. While this hike will cover new ground, Walker has had the opportunity to visit vast swathes of Australia over the years. He is a seasoned solo performer, but has also earned great acclaim with The Necessary Few, Ashley Davies, Tex Perkins, Archie Roach – the list goes on. Suffice to say, he has had a front-row view of the shifting Australian music scene.

“The whole Americana renaissance is something I’ve definitely noticed,” he says. “Festivals we’ve been getting picked up for are getting more aligned with this movement, like Dashville Skyline in the Hunter Valley and Out On The Weekend in Melbourne. But I think Australian music has always had a strong country scene. There are so many artists, and if you look back there’s a really strong Aboriginal scene aligned with it too. There’s a whole culture of great country singer-songwriters in the Aboriginal community, all over Australia.

“Maybe I’ve noticed a change here just because I’m Melbourne-based, but it feels bigger now then it used to be. Someone told me that Northcote, just out of the CBD in Melbourne, has the biggest number of country singers in all Australia. Which is a strange place for it; you’d feel they’d be all up north. I think in regional and outback Australia, it’s probably one of the biggest styles of music for the last hundred years. I’ve been around a while now, and I’ve seen different scenes, different subgenres in the roots scene, bubble to the surface. Whether it’s garage rock or blues, your John Butler and Ash Grunwald types, it’s always interesting to see how it’s all growing, but it doesn’t really affect what you’re doing yourself. There’s so much work going on inside your own head to make music, it’s more a sideline interest to see what the local scene is actually doing.”

While Walker certainly brings a great amount of experience to Lost Ragas, he is quick to emphasise that he is hardly the life and soul of this party – it is very much a group concern. “It’s not just Matt Walker and band. We all contribute, and the guys do fucking amazing harmonies, switching around instruments. It’s a real collective.”

Their most recent release, Trans Atlantic Highway, has already met with a great critical reception and will likely introduce Walker and co. to a whole new set of fans. Happy as they are to find themselves with the attention, these dark horsemen of the alt-roots scene are pretty detached from accolades, and remain quite conscious of keeping the integrity of their songwriting intact.

“You don’t want to sound too confident in your own sound, which I’m not at all. I’ve always been a believer in…” he pauses to consider. “I really play music for myself. It’s a contradiction, of course, because then you record it, you play live shows and hope people like it, but my main drive to pick up a guitar is kind of selfish. It’s just something I need to do. I think a lot of musicians are like that, though some musicians maybe have too many idols. I’ve certainly got them, but I almost put them on a pedestal where I would never, ever try and emulate them. They’re too out of reach. If I try and write anything, it’s the essence of the honesty that the artists I most admire have.

“Dylan once said when he was starting out, watching the old blues guys, it wasn’t really the notes they played or the words they sang; it was about the look in their eyes that was the inspiration for him. That has kind of rung true for me, too. I like artists who boil their words down. Sometimes, one or two lines can leave enough out that the listener or reader can make up the missing part. It creates something that I don’t think you can do otherwise. Something that resonates.”

Lost Ragas play Dashville Skyline, Hunter Valley, Saturday October 3 – Sunday October 4, and are also appearing at Lazybones Lounge on Friday October 23. Trans Atlantic Highway is out now independently.
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Press Release


Matt Walker and the Lost Ragas

The great thing about things coming together naturally, is that when they form the bond is effortless, and the result is something more than the sum of its parts. And so Matt Walker and the Lost Ragas arrive with their new album, Phantom Ride.

In 2012, Matt released a stunning record (In Echoes of Dawn) largely recorded, written, arranged, produced and played by himself. Every instrument, every breath, every idea formed over time in his own recording space - the 8 Track Shack. But once you have finished such a project, there are decisions to be made, shows to play, and the road to travel. It’s hard to do this alone. You need a band.

In some way shape or form, all of the Lost Ragas have worked with or around each other over the years, but never with the line-up as it is.
Matt Walker - guitars / vocals
Shane Reilly- pedal steel / guitars / vocals
Roger Bergodaz – bass
and Simon Burke - drums

Each member of the band offers a wealth of experience, and a taste for a song. This bent toward the song’s best interest may sound like a simple desire, but it’s not as common as you might think.

In Echoes of Dawn is such a gentle record, and as such, the early shows as the Lost Ragas we're tentative, gentle affairs, but over time, the line-up injected new songs, and developed a sound that is familiar and yet totally on its own plane. A sparse, Baron Rhythm section approach, layered with captivating guitar textures, creating something that is delicate yet powerful, laid back and intense. The live shows have moments quiet enough to hear a pin drop, and powerful enough to drive a nail into the ground.

It grew into something much more than just some guys playing another guy’s record. That would have crashed and burned. Walker was brave enough to let everyone make it their own from the outset, and so they did. In Echoes of Dawn is, quite frankly, a record too beautiful to be recreated, and too involved to be copied. So the Lost Ragas didn't walk that path.

They played shows, and they continued to develop the Lost Ragas’ sound. A sound that allows for the space within a song to be taken somewhere new each time. Leaving the path without losing the way perhaps.

At some point, talk of a new album came up. The band is filled with songwriters and producers, and guys not always playing their first instrument, so this was always going to be a process far removed from what Matt had just come from, and in fact having been a solo artist for so long, may have been a process never experienced before.

And so, Phantom Ride was born. Recorded over a number of sessions in mid-late 2013 at Tendertrap Studio with the steady hand of Bergodaz pushing the faders and the entire band providing a mixture of songs that were to go through ‘the Ragas’ and take on an entirely new form. This was no longer a solo experience for Walker.

"Phantom ride" refers to a genre of film made popular late in the 19th century where the directors would strap a camera on the front of a moving vehicle. The effect was to see everything moving in front of you, but no clear indication of what is propelling the images. The "phantom" is this invisible force.

It is an album put together by four people driven by songs. The premise was to keep the record simple, keep the takes as live as possible, minimize overdubs, and for each song to have a character of its own but to fit with the rest. When you have a song that can stand up on its own, it is surely the musicians' purpose to stay out of the way, do only what is required and allow it to do what it will. I think if you asked any of the Lost Ragas, they would all say that that is one of the true pleasures of being in the band. No one is stepping on anyone else. Unless, of course, that is what's required …..
the Phantom Ride.


by Simon Burke for the Lost Ragas







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Photos by Lisa Sorgini




Matt's new new solo album  released September 7th, 2012



The first 1000 come with a bonus disc - Lost Ragas plus booklet

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Check out an interview with Matt

as part of a great show by Salty Dog





LOST RECORDINGS FOUND From deep in the back room of the Rainbow Hotel in Fitzroy one (1 only)

 carton of the original recordings have been found and are now available.


Matt Walker and friends Live at the Rainbow




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I Listen to the Night

Matt and Ashley's first studio recording now reissued with bonus track!



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audio 11

grand final first half

w/ashley davies















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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