LA airport. Transfer to the Seattle flight no problem. Cab to Josh's apartment over the bridge from downtown. Key in the box. Let myself in. This guy seems to have a steady flow of touring musicians that keep his lounge room in a constant state of upheaval. I guess he's got his brother, Dan Warner to thank for that. Any way if you're reading this Josh, thanks again. Say hi to Owen, Ali and the guys at the Pacific Inn.


Second day in and I hook up with Judah and the band. His brother Donovan is travelling with them too. He's going to play drums with me. We have a rehearsal and work out which songs are going to really work with the two of us. I notice right away that he's got a killer 'four on the floor' groove. Just the thing I need for new songs like Vacancy and Just Add Wine. After that 20 Miles run a couple of songs that they want me to play lap steel on……the rehearsal leaves me itchin' to play gigs…



Rather than try and give some kind of report on each show here's a bunch of things that come to mind as I think of the past two weeks touring with 20 Miles ...


... Driving, Chinese medicine, Clarence White, playing the final mixes while driving down to Portland, Donovan collecting good jokes on a Dictaphone, discussing the importance of good mastering, 2nd time in the states but still haven't been to New York, Judah gets up and plays guitar on Deepest Valley, says it's my 'you got to move', Josh proves to me that drummers like to drive cars more than anyone else in a band, playing Catch That Plane with 20 Miles, lap steel into tiny Silvertone amp put through PA and crank the bottom end gets the sound I like! Bloody Grinspoon sticker on a PA speaker, Seattle in summer, recommend the Pacific Inn and Fall Out Record store, Vancouver, all I saw was the club, place is jumpin', drive back to Seattle through the night, 2 hours sleep on a couch somewhere, fly to San Francisco, then train out to Berkeley, thanks to Mandy and Andrew for having me, pleased to meet Lee and Phyllis at Tonefield too, back in the van with the guys and down to LA, listening to the same tapes, John Lennon, The Faces, Spaceland show was a hoot, Dan's (bass player) other band, Kill Me Tomorrow playing a set as well, Hollywood at 3am, the Roosevelt Hotel, driving back to San Francisco, probably my favorite club Bottom Of The Hill, see David Bridie poster on the wall as I'm taking a piss, suddenly I don't feel so far away from home, next night we played a good little joint called Parkside, more jamming than the other shows, in conclusion to a very dodgy diary entry I would like to thank you for your time and patience. I guess all I really want to say is that I had an excellent time travelling with 20 Miles and should they make it to our shores in the future I recommend we all go and see 'em play… matt



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