...So it’s around Christmas time and we get a call from B.T. and are booked to play a show in Fitzroy. With the last year or so spent pursuing other musical adventures The Duo feels good! A phone call to Lawrence some time later eventuates in a recording session at Sing Sing. All live except for some harmonies sees us all done in six days. The vibe is great with most first-takes being “the ones”. Plenty of toe tappers here!


Bulk Haulage is a truckin’ anthem of the highest order written by Ashley after he hitched a ride with some truckers while working on the Bob Dylan/Patti Smith Tour around Australia. And with what could be dubbed the theme tune for these fellas,


Technological Advances has Matt stating the importance of keeping it stupid simple. Declaring that “Right now all I need is some drums and a steel guitar!” Sleep Over, the opening track, is a down-home creeper inspired by the great T-Model Ford from Greenville, Mississippi who toured Australia with the boys a couple of years ago. “He taught me something .. I’m not sure what, but I’ve never been the same since!” says Matt.


Try Harder and I Miss You are probably something new to people familiar with the duo’s work. With the introduction of harmonies, the music is sounding a little like the Everly Brothers if they’d spent time jamming with Slim Harpo.


On The Street Tonight captures what you can’t always put your finger on when taking a train ride on your own, or just walking around with nothing to do, while Where You Been has a more personal, reflective motif.


The only instrumental on this latest album was written specifically for a short film from Melbourne film maker Michael Weisler. Shot completely in black and white it features Tim Rogers (You Am I) playing the lead role of Hunter Finkelstein, an orthodox Jew struggling to balance his creativity with the conservativeness of his community. Hunter is the main theme that inspires the character to write his arousing/affecting sermons.


Matt and Ashley couldn’t resist including the completely wigged-out Just Add Wine. This song co-written by Dave Graney appeared on Matt’s previous album, “Navigational Skills” but the duo cook up such a diabolical version here that you could hear both recordings side by side and feel no need to compare. Standing At The Station is a ferocious footstomper with simple but infectious lyrics that many could relate to.




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