Awake at night (M Walker)

Often when you write songs they come out in such a way that you’re doubtful whether the listener will know where you’re coming from and what the song is actually saying. This doesn’t mean that the song has failed. On the contrary, to leave a bit of mystery can give a song its charm (Just listen to Joel Silbersher’s great new album Greasy Lens or some of Dave Graney’s material). Of course some songs can even take on the guise of a Chinese Whisper and evolve into something totally removed from the original.


Awake at Night is no such song. The lyrics don’t play around much. This could be my favorite song and it’s dedicated to anyone that has to work a day job just to support what they pursue in their ‘real’ life.


Hard to Hide (M Walker)

This song holds similar sentiments to another song called Vacancy which also appears on this album, although the latter is a bit more venomous. Hard to Hide is basically about feeling like you’re not connecting with many people around you….but those you do relate to find themselves listening to someone who has no safety mechanism between their head and their tongue.


Just Add Wine (D Graney/M Walker)

I liked David’s words and he liked my riffs. We live in the same town and this song was meant to be. We recorded a lot of it in the 8 – Track Shack.


Vacancy (M Walker)

A twisted urban blues.


Into the Light (M Walker)

I wrote this song thinking that it would be sung by a woman. That woman ended up being me.


Boy under a bridge (B Smith/M Walker)

My good friend Broderick Smith was inspired to write the lyrics to this song after watching the documentary film Kurt and Courtney. It’s an independent film about the life of Kurt Cobain and it tells of Kurt’s special place under a bridge in Seattle where he would light a fire and spend time alone.


Do you remember our love? (M Walker)

This song is as smooth as The Necessary Few get. It’s dedicated to all the girls we’ve loved before.


Right From Wrong (M Walker)

I was thinking about a party I went to when I was about 14 years old. I often think about it. We were all best friends…well maybe not all of us but hindsight and cheap grog can blur the edges. We were definitely invincible because we weren’t grown up yet. And there was always danger but it felt right. I feel that if I could bottle this one night, it’d be labeled simply ‘me when I didn’t know anything’. It’s funny but I often think about this one night and even though the details are few it has left a mark on me. Like I can’t let go of the mystery that it seems to hold like a dream.


Easily Changed (M Walker)

A song about being dumped.


Everyone was born to love (M Walker)

I usually write songs as a form of escapism. And this is not an exception. I’m not religious but I like to call this my gospel song.


Once again (M. Walker)

A folk song.




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