I was brought up in the hills east of Melbourne. From what I could gather my peers lived on a strict musical diet of 70's stadium rock. Never was I exposed to the cool driving rhythms of the Velvets or the raw power of the Stooges who influenced the early years of many people I know now. My early years were immersed in a wash of my older sister's record collection. Albums Rachel would thrash (and still does) included Van Halen, Gary Moore, Triumph, Heart…etc. I would sift through this pot-pouri of power chords and gravitate to riffs and progressions that gave me a 'charge', but it was not until Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix filtered through the walls of my sister's room that this 'charge' was to hit me with unprecedented impact…

The first band I ever played in was called Satan. It must have been around 1986 when this hard rocking outfit made its' debut performance in the year 9 portable. With Josh on vocals, Davey on drums, Seb on bass and Nick and me on electric guitar. Our influences were bands such as AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Judas Priest, Ozzy Ozbourne, Jimi Hendrix etc… We rehearsed quite regularly and started to build a reputation from our spirited live shows during recess. Josh and Nick who were also the main songwriters formed the band before I came on the scene and thankfully were looking for a second guitarist. Being a member of this group was not merely a musical experience but a gateway into an adolescent brotherhood of mischief and adventure…these tales of irrelevance may be divulged at a later date, but first an assessment should be made as to whether anybody really needs to know.

At this time I'd also been navigating my way around the local music community with my acoustic guitar. I started busking at some of the markets. Experimenting with open tunings and bottle neck slide. The troubadours and pickers at the Selby Folk club would get a surprise to see this bright eyed youngster quietly getting his guitar out of its' case. Moving a couple of empty wine casks to make room for himself, he'd then join the session. Following peoples hands to learn new chords and looking around the smokey little room with wonder and intrigue.

Satan continued to grow as a band with all of us contributing more to the song writing. We entered a Battle of the Bands competition at the Ferntree Gully Hotel and walked triumphantly away with the prize of two packets of guitar strings and a pair of drumsticks. Things were moving along fast now and we went on to shoot a live video of one of our school performances (the where-abouts of this footage is unknown). After many debates we'd even come to agreement on an issue very important to all of us. The style of lettering to be used when writing the band name. I can't remember whose idea it was to do the 'T' out of SATAN as a devils pitch fork but we all agreed it was a stroke of genius and would most likely spark off a number of copy cat compass tattoo designs.

We were beginning to consider recording an album when suddenly the band called it a day. It happened one night on the train ride home from school. Davey and I broke the news to the other guys that we were leaving the band to pursue other interests (I can't remember what they were now). Josh and Nick didn't take it too well and tensions were nearing violent levels by the time we reached our station. The sudden jolt of the train stopping and the mad rush of people getting on and off the train seemed to cool the situation a little and after a weeklong stand off period we were all friends again. It wasn't long after this drama that I left that high school and relocated to a technical school a couple of suburbs away. I think this must've been late '87…



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